XLERATORsync In-Depth - The Solid Surface Touchless Trough Sink & Dryer From Excel Dryer

The XLERATORsync system incorporates patented high-speed hand drying technology, cutting edge design and fully integrated custom solid surface wash troughs. Manufactured from HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone, designed and manufactured by us specifically for use within the XLERATORsync dryer.

Next Generation
Faucet Dryer Technology

Inside the XLERATORsync tap hand dryer is the latest development of the already industry defining XLERATOR technology, drying hands in 10 seconds. Built-in HEPA filtration eliminates 99.999% of bacteria and viruses providing users with the most hygienic hand drying solution on the market.

Beneath the surface of the system, adjustable heat settings alongside speed and sound controls (including the XLERATOR Patent Pending Sound Suppression Air Delivery System) further define the experience your users have within your washroom.

All this, whilst using a fraction of the energy compared to conventional dryers, creating dryer, safer, greener hands. The touchless faucet dryer works seamlessly with our solid surface wash troughs.

XLERATORsync Touchless Tap
Girl using solid surface touchless wash trough and dryer

Water Flow

Fabricated to embrace the unique features of the XLERATORsync dryer, the XLERATORsync system’s custom wash basin is fabricated with an angled base and a hidden waste outlet. This prevents excess water being blown by the high-speed XLERATORsync dryer, ensuring the best possible user experience.

Crafted in Hi-MACS natural acrylic stone, and available in numerous colours, the XLERATORsync system brings the latest innovation and colours to the commercial washroom market.

Never has a wash basin been designed to work seamlessly and exclusively with a hand dryer so that all of the wastewater disperses down the drain and never splashes the user.

Uniquely designed to work with the XLERATORsync dryer and influenced by the “Ha-Ha” landscaping principal, this unique hand washing solution not only significantly enhances the user experience but the overall aesthetics of any washroom.


HI-MACS® is delighted to be partnering with Excel UK in the production of the XLERATORsync system. Our HI-MACS® solid surface product will enhance the design of the XLERATORsync system in terms of performance, hygiene, safety, flexibility and more. With its smooth, non-porous surface, the HI-MACS® material meets all hygiene and functionality requirements.

Due to its special surface, and the ability to manufacture the material without any visible joints, dirt, mould, bacteria and viruses can be effectively prevented from attaching and spreading. Our full range of 113 colours are available within the XLERATORsync which give the client maximum choice.”

XLERATORsync Touchless Wash Basin
Integrated Sink And Dryer

Soap dispensers And
Touchless Faucets

The XLERATORsync sink with hand dryer system can be supplied with our range of touchless faucets / taps and soap dispensers for a fully installed, turnkey solution.

Alternatively, the XLERATORsync system works seamlessly with your choice of taps, ensuring you get the look and feel that’s right for your washroom.

We believe that touchless washrooms are becoming more and more of a necessity considering modern hygiene concerns. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

HI-MACS® is an outstanding
Solid Surface sink / wash trough material

A delicate composition of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments that combine to create a smooth,
non-porous, thermoformable and visually seamless surface.

The material used for XLERATORsync Solid Surface custom Wash troughs is part of an exclusive partnership between Excel Dryer and HI-MACS. It meets the highest standards for quality in all aspects: material performance, fabrication, functionality and hygiene compared to conventional materials. We are confident we have created the finest solid surface trough sink, touchless faucet and dryer combination on the market today.

Explore what we can offer, and the potential for customisation using our configuration tool.

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