Continually Improving Washroom Technology

In 2022, the mechanical hand dryer will celebrate the centenary of its initial New York patenting. Many dryers today are still rooted in this initial design and haven’t developed to utilise modern technology.

The Excel

At Excel Dryer, we believe that the form and function of a hand dryer should be the best it possibly can be. When we developed the XLERATOR, we worked with ex-NASA rocket scientists to ensure we developed a dryer that revolutionised the washroom changing people’s perception of hand dryers forever, making giant leaps forward in terms of function, performance and sustainability.

We’ve been solving washroom problems for years. Hand dryers were too slow, so we made them faster with XLERATOR. Hand dryers used too much electricity, so we made them more energy efficient with XLERATOReco. Now we’ve taken things to the next level with the XLERATORsync system.

Advanced Hygiene
For Everyone

We’re committed to safer washrooms. When it comes to air cleanliness, HEPA filtration eliminates the pathogens and germs that cause sickness. In viral filtration tests*, the XLERATOR HEPA Filtration System was bombarded with 380 million viruses, whose particles range in size from 16.5 – 604.3 nanometres. The end results found that the system prevented 99.999% of the particles from passing. The XLERATOR HEPA Filtration System is a core part of the XLERATORsync system, powering new levels of hygiene for users.